Poker tells at your disposal

A poker tells is a change in an opponent’s demeanor or behavior that gives clues about the hand they have. Poker tells is a player’s advantage if well observed and understood. Poker tells maybe false or an act at times to make an opponent to make a poor judgment.

Players’ tend to show changes in their body posture which is based on their hand and attitude. You might notice a drop of the shoulders when an opponent has a weak hand. If a player is attentive and sitting straight means that he has a good hand.

Notice how your opponent stacks his chips on the table. An organized stack of chips shows that the player is aggressive. An organized stack of chips tells that he is a tight conservative player.

A repetitive betting pattern reveals what hands he has. The opponent habitually bets when he has a good hand. A glance at chips shows that the opponent is working out if his chips to connect with the board after a flop.

When an opponent whistles, he has a good hand and a certain whistle also shows just how bad a hand he has. Do not look at your hand before a play comes to you because you will not be able to see what is going on at the table. Observe your opponents and note what they are doing, like little twitches, slipping of cards back under their chips and getting their chips ready for a bet.

Poker tells is one important aspect while playing. Poker tells; help you to know which cards your opponents are having by observing them closely while still putting your mind on your cards. Every player has a poker tell it is your duty to find out what it is.